MASS UFO Sighting over New York City 12/17/15 - FULL VIDEO

MASS UFO Sighting over New York City 12/17/15 - FULL VIDEO

Here is Nancy Talbott, who has been studying this case for over 15 years, she will give us an inside look at the man whose psychic powers and uncanny ability to accurately predict where and when a crop circle will appear, has many asking how he's able to do it. Soon after Robbert van den Broeke's initial interview, where he took the opportunity to give the viewers a taste of his amazing psychic abilities. This caused the International News Media to take interest and report the story with such headlines as "The crop circle psychic ", "Man in Holland makes contact with ET ".  Soon after the broadcasts. many were asking, if Robbert's is an alien contactee/abductee, some even attributed  some if not all of the events taking place around him and his home as some sort of Demonic Possession, Poltergeist Activity, Alien Communication and/or Contact etc, but there are some who say that this may be a well choreographed hoax.  Nancy will also share with us her own shocking first hand paranormal experience while staying at Robbert van den Broeke's home. 

REAL UFO ABDUCTION WITNESSED BY 6 COWORKERS IN ARIZONA, Here's the names of the 6 witnesses, Michael Rogers, Allen Daltis, John Goulette, Kenneth Peterson, Steve Pierce and Dwayne Smith. These men witnessed a Massive UFO abduct Travis Walton in Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. - "We saw a HUGE metallic disc hovering above the tree tops" - the movie version of this REAL UFO abduction case is very different from the actual UFO encounter. This exclusive interview will set the record straight. Listen in to what really happened inside the UFO and the vast information withheld from the public about the Aliens on the ship.

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