We have been here before. Many thousands of years ago. We all spoke the same language, we worked together and the sciences was no different then what many deem as miracles today. We thought we could be gods, and so we almost entered heaven to try and take it from them that dwell in it. their king our creator punished us by erasing our minds and giving us all new language so that we may never attempt such thing against heaven first. We were punished to war against ourselves first each time we conquered a stepping stone in technology, you see in the past we did not have nations nor did we see our brothers and sisters as strangers, we truly were all equal, we were all the same. but god made us look different, talk different, smell different, behave different etc etc etc. until we first understood that to reach that once marvelous beauty we once possessed we would have to become more wise then before by first destroying the illusion that we are all different. we are not! our flesh etc etc etc has been modified for this lesson we are to learn according to heaven. now about technology we must never war amongst ourselves because we will have infinity numbers of wars during our slowest of ascensions because we have an infinite number of steps to achieve in technology. the elders those of us who have been punished to witness man destroy themselves over and over and over again every few hundreds and almost total destruction every few thousands of years have been allowed to intervene now by giving you this truth. We are where we are because we once dared to war against them in heaven. Let's never try that again. that's why love was introduced into our new incarnation. Use it. Survive! 


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