God vs Religion

The current bible has more  books that are not included in its current version. It's a shame that psychos have hijacked it and misinterpret its true teachings which is to help us all love each other as well as to help us be at peace with each other as well as the earth. God the real GOD does not discriminate one son from the other or one  daughter from the other GOD teaches us to  forgive. Because he forgives all of us for our mistakes against him and against each other. If anyone uses the bible to divide one brother or nation against the other then that person is hijacking the bible and its true teachings. There are many people who prefer not to believe in GOD because of the actions taken by churches and its members to discriminate against groups of people or because of the way someone mis interpreted a passage of the bible to include hate or discrimination against people of different beliefs or sexual orientation. The bible is clear about who is the only one with the power to judge us as well as the commandment to love each other. It's sad that everyday people turn away from GOD because religions simply don't make the last 2 lessons I've mentioned a priority. JESUS CHRIST DID. So because I'm Christian I will speak up for GOD today, tomorrow and everyday until I die. GOODNIGHT and GOD BLESS.